No good episode of Columbo would be complete without a good antagonist for the detective to play off of.


Episode Villain Portrayed by Victim
Prescription: Murder Dr. Ray Fleming Gene Barry Carol Flemming
Ransom for a Dead Man Leslie Williams Lee Grant Paul Williams

Season 1Edit

Episode Villain Portrayed by Victim(s)
Murder by the Book Ken Franklin Jack Cassidy Jim Ferris, Lily La Sanka
Death Lends a Hand Carl Brimmer Robert Culp Lenore Brimmer
Dead Weight Major General Martin Hollister Eddie Albert Colonel Roger Dutton
Suitable for Framing Dale Kingston Ross Martin Rudy Matthews
Lady in Waiting Beth Chadwick Susan Clark Bryce Chadwick
Short Fuse Roger Stanford Roddy McDowall David "D.L." Buckner
Blueprint for Murder Elliot Markham Patrick O'Neal Beau Williamson

Season 2Edit

Episode Villain(s) Portrayed by Victim
Étude in Black Alex Benedict John Cassavetes Jennifer Welles
The Greenhouse Jungle Jarvis Goodland Ray Milland Tony Goodland
The Most Crucial Game Paul Hanlon Robert Culp Eric Wagner
Dagger of the Mind Nicholas Frame and Lillian Stanhope Richard Baseheart and Honor Blackman Sir Roger Haversham
Requiem for a Falling Star Nora Chandler Anne Baxter Jean Davis
A Stitch in Crime Dr. Barry Mayfield Leonard Nimoy Sharon Marshall, Harry Alexander
The Most Dangerous Match Emmett Clayton Laurence Harvey Tomlin Dudek
Double Shock Dexter and Norman Paris Martin Landau Clifford Paris

Season 3Edit

Episode Villain(s) Portrayed by Victim(s)
Lovely But Lethal Viveca Scott Vera Miles Karl Lessing, Shirley Blaine
Any Old Port in a Storm Adrian Carsini Donald Pleasence Rick Carsini
Candidate for Crime Nelson Hayward Jackie Cooper Harry Stone
Double Exposure Dr. Bart Keppel Robert Culp Vic Norris, Roger White
Publish or Perish Riley Greenleaf Jack Cassidy Alan Mallory, Eddie Kane
Mind Over Mayhem Dr. Marshall Cahill José Ferrer Dr. Howard Nicholson
Swan Song Tommy Brown Johnny Cash Edna Basket Brown, Tina
A Friend in Deed Commissioner Mark Halperin and Hugh Caldwell Richard Kiley and Michael McGuire Margaret Halperin, Janie Caldwell (respectively)

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