Columbo s3
The third season of Columbo originally aired from September 23, 1973 to May 5, 1974 and consisted of eight episodes.


No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Runtime Original air date
18 1 Lovely But Lethal Jeannot Szwarc Teleplay by Jackson Gillis, Story by Myrna Bercovici 73 minutes September 23, 1973
19 2 Any Old Port in a Storm Leo Penn Teleplay by Stanley Ralph Ross, Story by Larry Cohen 98 minutes October 7, 1973
20 3 Candidate for Crime Boris Sagal Teleplay by Irving Pearlberg, Alvin R. Friedman, Roland Kibbee and Dean Hargrove, Story by Larry Cohen 98 minutes November 4, 1973
21 4 Double Exposure Richard Quine Stephen J. Cannell 73 minutes December 16, 1973
22 5 Publish or Perish Robert Butler Peter S. Fischer 73 minutes January 13, 1974
23 6 Mind Over Mayhem Alf Kjellin Teleplay by Steven Boncho, Dean Hargrove and Roland Kibbee, Story by Robert Specht 73 minutes February 10, 1974
24 7 Swan Song Nicholas Colasanto Teleplay by David Rayfiel, Story by Stanley Ralph Ross 94 minutes March 3, 1974
25 8 A Friend in Deed Ben Gazzara Peter S. Fischer 94 minutes May 5, 1974

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